Other Projects

The Division

Role: Lead Level Designer
Platform: Xbone, PS4, PC
Released: 2016


  • Managed and mentored a team of 5 level designers
  • Reviewed their work and gave feedback on a day to day process
  • Ensured top quality on the Level/World Design part and Encounter Design of the game
  • Bridged communication between Malmö (Sweden) and Quebec (Canada)
  • Team planning using JIRA and Hansoft as task manager

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Role: Level Designer
Platform: Wii, PSP
Released: 2010


  • Designed 7 levels from the ground up using Sketchup, 3DSMax and Jade (Ubisoft inhouse editor) for PoP Wii
  • Also Combat Designed every encounter for these levels
  • Came late on PSP version to ramp up the quality of the game revamping and tweaking several levels
  • Worked closely with Level Artists to ensure quality and playability for all the levels I created.

Some creations:

From 7:27 to 22:53

From start to 7:25

From 8:38 to 30:54

From 15:15 until the end

Surf’s Up

Role: Level Designer
Platform: DS, GBA
Released: 2007


  • Was in charge of a 1/4 of the game and created all the courses for that part of the game
  • Came late on the GBA version and was asked with 2 other Level Designers to remake the whole Level Design of the game to ensure a proper quality on release

Rainbow Six: Vegas

Role: Tester
Platform: PSP
Released: 2006

Open Season

Role: Tester
Platform: PSP
Released: 2006

Rainbow Six: Critical Hour

Role: Tester
Platform: Xbox
Released: 2006